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We provide the following services:

  • We arrange guiding tours through properties, translation services, lawyer's services, accommodation.
  • Finding the proper place, according to the individual requirements and personal needs, whether interested in a seaside apartment or mountain villa, town house or village home on a reasonable price.
  • All range of legal advice
  • Company set up and translation services, consultancy, advice
  • Accommodation and meeting our customers at the proper airport
  • Full property management if needed, building, refurbishment, furnishing, interior design and architecture
  • Assistance in arranging mortgage and insurance
  • Furnishing/renovation of the property

Top Offers

House in Yasna Poliana

59 400 EUR

House in Yasna Poliana - 3900m2

Burgas, Yasna polyana

Studio in Pamporovo

17 000 EUR

Studio in Pamporovo - 40m2

Smolyan, Pamporovo


20 000 EUR

OLD HOUSE - 3000m2

Gabrovo, TRYAVNA